Foundation Waterproofing

IES facilitates the safety for your expensive interiors and erosion in building structures by its foundation water proofing services. Our foundation water proofing expertise prevents water droplets and soil mixtures from penetrating into the walls and saves you from any further damage.

Roof Waterproofing

At IES, our roof water proofing services is the one hand solution as our skilled professionals provides you with the best output by using tested and trusted chemicals in a decentralized way. Damaged areas hence need to be waterproofed by our special “ROOF WATER PROOFING SOLUTIONS.”

Basement Waterproofing

IES’s basement water proofing plays a decisive role in securing your building’s basements by providing effective solutions with long durability. The cement slurry often used in the basements for sealing leakages temporarily arrests damages but constant temporary treatments can lead to the weakening of your infrastructures.

Retaining Walls Waterproofing

Tired of cracks, dampness, big and small pores? At IES, our eco-friendly and well-equipped coating solutions do magic by its finest waterproofing services and adds benefit to human comfort. It is so far one of the best and widely used techniques to break down water penetration into the walls.